Zara's Place

In memory of a true fighter.

    About Zara :
Zara came in to my life as I was driving home from town, I saw a gypsy kick what I thought was a paperbag across the road, but it was Zara.  Zara bit me out of fear when I picked her up, and the gypsy laughed. I took her home and my love for her began. 
We took her to Zari (the vet she is named after) and he worked on her to save her, she was really damaged and so poorly we doubted that she would ever be strong enough to run around and be a normal dog.  
She started to get better and then became really sick, we realised quickly she had parvovirus, we stayed up with her day and night and she survived.  She became really strong, she had everything to live for and she started to really enjoy life.
Then she became ill again, she had distemper, she fought for 7 long days but in the end she died, it was the first time I wanted to walk away from rescue, then somebody said to me we need somewhere where puppies can be safe.  So then we decided to build Zara's Place. 

Zara's Place

Zarae (above)

 Zara's Place, will be a fully functional wing of 3 rooms, a large puppy day/night room, a kitchen and a hospital room.  The hospital room will be also used when we have neutering weeks here, as it will be a sterile area to allow operations to be completed safely.
I never want to see a dog with distemper again, I hate the parvovirus with a passion, sadly in this country I will see them again and I will have to sit up with them again. But Zara's Place should allow me to help keep others safe from these diseases. Zara is buried next to the building and will watch over them with me.

Winter 2016
Zara's Place has not got very far as of yet, first it was the funding, then it was the weather, then other things have got in the way, like trips to the UK delivering puppies and my partner has had a few health issues, but we are working on it slowly but surely.

Spring 2017
Major progress has been made to Zara's Place, with 5 rooms complete with poured concrete floor and closed off kennel areas to keep the puppies warm during the winter. The hospital area is nearing completion, as is the fence to allow a safe and secure area for our dogs to roam and play during the day.
  1. The beginning of Zara's Place.
    The beginning of Zara's Place.
To be photos coming soon....
We had to hire a JCB to dig out the drainage it was the best option because I think we would have still been digging, we have now replaced the soil with 5 cubic meters of large stone, we had to do that by hand.  Still we are getting there slowly but surely.