Fosterers and Home Checkers
We cannot always find homes these animals need by the time they are ready to leave, and keeping them here at Santerpaws may keep us from taking in another dog or cat off the street. If you have space at your home, feel you could foster a fur kid and assist in the re-homing, you would become a major part of our team.

Ideally we like our dogs to go out on trial, but without a support network of fosterers, this is not possible. Simply put, we need to ensure that, as much as we can, animals go to the right home the first time. Unfortunately this does not always happen, and should things not work out with a new adoptee, we try to remove the animal in order give the least amount of stess to all concerned.
In addition to fosterers, we need people who can check new potential homes. None of our guys will be leaving to go to a home until we can feel confident it will be a forever home. Occasionally a dog/cat will not fit into their new environment due to no fault of the new owners, but we attempt to do everything we can to ensure the odds are stacked in their favour for everyone to be happy on all sides.
If you feel you could help in either situation please drop us an email.
“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
--Johnny Depp---