Our Gallery

  1. Managing Director
    Gracie was our first to go to her forever home in the beginning of Santerpaws Bulgarian Rescue. She lives with her Mummy Lou, her brother Zak and a load of foster cat siblings.
  2. Managing Director
    Dolly was thrown out in the middle of winter because she barked at the chicken, it took me ages to build her confidence up and capture her, but it was worth the wait, Dolly now lives with her Mummy Faye and Celyn, could not be happier for this beautiful soul.
  3. Managing Director
    Beautiful Jenny is always the Santerpaws <3
  4. Managing Director
    Shava and Annie
    Annie was found in a public toilet and rescued, Sheva was found in the middle of the road, both Santerpaws, both living happily ever after <3
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